Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cheap Movie Night Idea

Here's an idea for a cheap movie night:

First you'll need popcorn:

Starting today, the deal of the week at Walgreens is Act II Microwave Popcorn Single Packs (3 oz) for 25 cents!  The purchase limit is (8).

Depending on how much your family likes popcorn, buy up to (8) packages of popcorn for 25 cents each and stock up for movie night.

Now for the movie:

If you aren't a current member of the Redbox Text Club, you'll want to sign up, because on the first Monday of every month you will receive a unique code from Redbox good for one FREE rental! 

Alternatively, you can try these codes for one free rental at the Redbox kiosk...



You should have success if this is your first time using either of these codes.

So there you have it, the whole family can enjoy popcorn and a movie for about $2 total!

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