Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Deals!

There are a few websites out there that are offering one day deals at rock bottom prices, generally half-off or better.  You can also get perks for referring others, so it's a win-win situation.  The deals are usually available for purchase for one day only, but the voucher will be good for a month or longer.  I save my vouchers in a binder with the one expiring first on the top and I check it when we are deciding what to do for entertainment that week.

There are deals for many major cities, just search for a city near you and find your deals! Here are a few of today's deals in the Lafayette,LA area:

You can get a $100 worth of facial rejuvenation at Acadian ENT for only $50 from Bargain Bee!  A few of the services you can use this for include microderm abrasion, facials, spider vein treament, hair removal, or a makeup consultation.Interested? You can get the deal HERE, it is only available for purchase today but doesn't expire until 5/7/2011.

You can get $40 worth of merchandise at Sweet Melissa Little Ones' Boutique for only $20 at Seize the Deal! Sweet Melissa carries children's clothing, accessories, gifts and more and you will find attire for newborns to tweens.  This would be great to use towards Christmas gifts, but it doesn't expire until Feb. 8, 2011, so you can save it until after Christmas if you choose. Sound good? You can get the deal HERE.

The deals change everyday, it is always fun to see what's next!

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